Staff Directory


Photo of Michelle Hilton

Michelle Hilton


Phone: 403-644-3791

Vice Principal

Photo of Tracy Desmet

Tracy Desmet

Vice Principle


Photo of Lisa Armstrong

Lisa Armstrong

Secretary & Support Staff

Phone: Ext 3082

Photo of Colleen Armstrong

Colleen Armstrong

Secretary - Support Staff

Phone: Ext. 3082

Photo of Jana Corbiell

Jana Corbiell


Phone: Ext. 3081

Support Staff

Photo of Lisa Armstrong

Lisa Armstrong

Support Staff

placeholder image for Pearl Bjerke

Pearl Bjerke

Support Staff

Photo of Naomi Carlson

Naomi Carlson

Support Staff

Photo of Yvonne Comstock

Yvonne Comstock

Support Staff - Food Services

Photo of Tamara Newell

Tamara Newell

Support Staff

Photo of Karalie Red Old Man

Karalie Red Old Man

Support Staff - First Nations Liaison

Photo of Krista Thurston

Krista Thurston

Support Staff

Photo of Rhonda Zarowny

Rhonda Zarowny

placeholder image for Greg Wheeler

Greg Wheeler

placeholder image for Pam Millette

Pam Millette

placeholder image for Dana Brindle

Dana Brindle

placeholder image for Dana Brindle

Dana Brindle

placeholder image for Sisko Stewart

Sisko Stewart

Teachers - Kindergarten

Photo of Deb Klics

Deb Klics

Kindergarten Teacher

Teachers - Elementary

Photo of Kirstie Stoodley

Kirstie Stoodley

Grade One

Phone: Voicemail Ext. 9283

Photo of Taylor Durant

Taylor Durant

Grade 1/2 Split

Phone: Voicemail Ext. 9016

Photo of Alex Den Boer

Alex Den Boer

Grade 2

Phone: Voicemail Ext. 9009

Photo of Joy Stewart

Joy Stewart

Grade 3

Phone: Voicemail Ext 9299

Photo of Courtney Croteau

Courtney Croteau

Grade 3/4 Split

Photo of Jody Filkohazy

Jody Filkohazy

Grade 4

Phone: Voicemail Ext 9075

Photo of Linda Moczulski

Linda Moczulski

Grade 5/6 Split

Phone: Voicemail Ext 9084

Photo of Katie Wheatley

Katie Wheatley

Grade 5/6 Split

placeholder image for Shelby Bryant

Shelby Bryant

Teachers - High School

Photo of Janna Boissevain

Janna Boissevain

Jr. High Social Studies, Den

Photo of Amanda Ellis

Amanda Ellis

Phone: Voicemail Ext 9095

Photo of Cam Holloway

Cam Holloway

Jr. and Sr. High PE and Construction

Phone: Voicemail Ext. 9227

Photo of Melissa Jensen

Melissa Jensen

Sr. High Science & Jr. High Foods

Photo of Stina Norman

Stina Norman

High School - Inclusive Ed, Jr. & Sr. High Foods

Phone: Voicemail Ext 9024

Photo of Tiffany Phillips

Tiffany Phillips

Academic Counsellor/Jr. Sr. High Math

Phone: Voicemail Ext. 9228

Photo of Adam Sommerfeldt

Adam Sommerfeldt

Sr. High Science, Outdoor Ed, Tech Option

Phone: Voicemail Ext 9094

Photo of Ed Yu

Ed Yu

Jr. and Sr. High Math, Fine Arts, Sr. High Tech, Jr. High Science

Phone: Voicemail 9082

Photo of Michelle Gordon

Michelle Gordon

Jr. High Humanities, Sr. High English, Film & Leadership Options

Photo of Brandie Dundas

Brandie Dundas

Jr/Sr High Science & Fitness Option & PE

Photo of Karen Walstra

Karen Walstra

Jr. High Humanities & Sr. High Social


Photo of Dana Brindle

Dana Brindle


Photo of Wendy Neufeld

Wendy Neufeld


Photo of Aranilo Yambot

Aranilo Yambot