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Welcome Back Information - September 4 |

Welcome Back Information - September 4

Wheatland Crossing School

Welcome Back


Welcome Back! We are busy preparing for our students to return to school next week and wanted to send out some important information for parents. Our first day of school is Tuesday September 4th (this includes Kindergarten). Our school hours are the same as last year with the first bell going at 8:40 and school starting at 8:45 with the playing of O Canada.

What to Expect on First Day

The first day of school can be exciting and sometimes even a little stressful for some students. Here is what students can expect on the first day.

  • Kindergarten Students - When they arrive at school they are to come in through the front doors of the school and head directly to their classroom. They will be greeted by their teacher and start their day. Parents are welcome to hang out for a few minutes, but we encourage them to head down to the waiting room as soon as possible to allow for the students to find their way with our very capable and loving kindergarten staff. If they are arriving on a bus, an older student is welcome to escort them down to the kindergarten room.

  • Elementary Students - Whether they arrive on the bus or with their parents, elementary students will be gathering outside by the playground. We will have signs posted for the different areas where they can gather. All teachers will meet them outside after 8:30 and help sort them into their classes for the new school year. They will then enter their classroom and begin their day!

  • Jr/Sr High Students - Students may enter in the school when they arrive. Class lists / homerooms will be posted in the common area. They will start their day in their homeroom classes where schedules, lockers and expectations will be shared. They will also participate in some icebreaker type activities before starting regular classes in Block 3 (10:08am).

Please Note: Bus Drivers will be out driving their routes this week and will be making contact with families soon. If you haven’t heard from your driver by Friday, please contact GHSD transportation department at 403-361-2214

Lunch Program

Wheatland Crossing School is excited to continue the success of our Coyote Kitchen again this year. We will be open for business on the first day of school this year with all our options. All elementary students will receive a fully subsidized lunch through the special government grant again this year. As mentioned before, this grant is specifically targeted for students in grades K-6. As a reminder, students need to pack snacks for the day, and if they do not like the lunch, they will need to have their own packed as well.

We are excited to be able to offer a partially subsidized lunch program for our Jr/Sr High students this year. For any students wishing to participate, a daily lunch will be available for the flat cost of $50 for each month they choose to participate in the program. These students will be able to choose one choice from either of the two daily specials, sandwich wraps, salad or soup. Students may sign up at anytime, but it is not transferable to any other student. Regular purchase options will still be available for those students not wanting to participate in the monthly program. To participate, simply bring the monthly fee to the concession, or etransfer directly to our school If you choose etransfer, please make the password coyotes (all small letters). If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Book Sale

We will be having a HUGE BOOKSALE this week. We have finished the set up of our library and have 100s of books that need to be cleared out. We are selling them off for $5 a bag. Pass the word on, bring your friends and come stop by.

Thursday August 30  4:00pm - 7:00pm
Friday August 31   10:00am - 2:00pm


Homerooms/Classroom Teachers

These are our teaching staff and assignments for the year:

K - Mrs. Deb Klics
Grade 1 - Miss Alex Kathol
Grade ½ - Mrs. Kirstie Stoodley
Grade 2 - Ms. Patti Dahm
Grade 3 - Mrs. Joy Stewart
Grade ¾ - Ms. Jody Filkohazy
Grade 4 - Mrs. Julie Sandersen
Grade 5 - Mrs. Kathy Gerritsen / Mrs. Tracey Desmet
Grade 6 - Mrs. Linda Moczulski
Grade 6 - Mrs. Susan Moncks
Jr/Sr High
Mr. Adam Baxter - Phys Ed 7, Social 9, New Media, Robotics and CTS
Mrs. Jen Bolinger - CALM, Elementary/Jr HIgh Math Support, Agriculture 8
Ms. Amanda Ellis - Health 7, Art 7, LA 8, Sr High English
Mr. Cam Holloway - Phys Ed, Woods, Welding
Mrs. Stephanie Kenly - Math 7, Science 7, Sr High Biology, Foods
Mrs. Christine Kowula - LA 7, Social 7, LA 9, Health 8, Art 8
Mr. Mark McKeen - Social 8, Sr High Social
Miss Stina Norman - Sr High Art. Sr High Social, Sr High English, K-12 Support
Mrs. Tiffany Phillips - Science 8, Math 9, Foods
Mr. Justin Silva - Chemistry, Science 10, Physics, Math 10
Mr. Adam Sommerfeldt - Science 9, Sr High Science, Outdoor Education
Mr. Ed Yu - Elementary Music, Math 8, Sr High Math