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Wheatland Crossing Coyote November Buzz |

Wheatland Crossing Coyote November Buzz

Wheatland Crossing Buzz - November 2017

Outstanding in Our Field

Stay Current - Did you know we update our Facebook page regularly throughout the week? You can get general announcements, cool photos, peeks into classrooms, exciting news and many other tidbits from our team. Check us out at

Student Drop Off / Pick Up - Please use the west parking lot for student drop offs and pickups. This has a paved path and crosswalk ensuring the safest way for students to get through the bus zone. Do not use the bus entry during the morning or afternoon bus times. Also a reminder that if you pick up your child, please let the bus driver know so we aren’t scrambling at the end of the day to find students who have left already. Thank you for your cooperation.

Subway Cards Available - Get your Subway specials cards! Come in to or office and pick up your $10 Subway card. All proceeds go to support our Athletics programs here at Wheatland Crossing. Over $55 dollars in savings. Some great deals. Make great Christmas gifts add ins too! Only 200 and last year we sold out in 3 weeks. Come in today!

Parent Teacher Interviews November 15 3:30 - 6:30 and November 16 4:00 - 7:00

Jr/Sr High interviews will be held in the gym and will not need an appointment. Once again, all appointments for elementary students (K-6) will be made online using an integrated booking system. Instructions for this process can be found on our website and should be extremely simple to navigate. Appointments will be open for booking starting on Wednesday November 1st at 9:00am.

School Remembrance Day Ceremony - We will be hosting our annual school Remembrance Day ceremony on Friday November 10th starting at 10:30am. Any parents or general public are welcome to attend and share in recognizing the sacrifice and significance of many from the past and present. We are encouraging all our students to dress in their best to show respect for this day.

2017 2J Boys/Girls Volleyball Championships - Wheatland crossing will be hosting our first ever zone tournament on Nov 10/11. We encourage you to stop by and cheer on our local teams in their quests for zone banners. Stay tuned on our website and Twitter feeds for tournament schedules.

Important Dates in November

Nov 9        Wheatland Crossing Talent Show 7:00pm
Nov 10        Remembrance Day Assembly 10:30am - Public Welcome
        Student Union Spirit Day - Formal Wear Day
Report Cards Go Home
        2J Boys/Girls Zone Volleyball Championship
Nov 11        2J Boys/Girls Zone Volleyball Championship
Nov 13        No School
Nov 14         Friends of East Wheatland Sponsored Open House 4:00 - 6:00
Nov 15        Parent Teacher Interviews 3:30 - 6:30
Nov 16       Parent Teacher Interviews 4:00 - 7:00
Nov 22         Student Union Spirit Day - EXCESSIVE ACCESSORY DAY
Nov 24        No School


Please remember to call into our office when you child is going to be absent from school. Our number is (403)644-3791.