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September Coyote Buzz |

September Coyote Buzz

Wheatland Crossing Buzz - September 2017

Outstanding in Our Field

Stay Current - Did you know we update our Facebook page regularly throughout the week? You can get general announcements, cool photos, peeks into classrooms, exciting news and many other tidbits from our team. Check us out at

Student Drop Off / Pick Up - Please use the west parking lot for student drop offs and pickups. This has a paved path and crosswalk ensuring the safest way for students to get through the bus zone. Thank you for your cooperation.

Coyote Kitchen We had our first day with our sponsored lunch program for our elementary aged students. While it went as smooth as it could be, we would like to remind parents that students will need snacks to supplement. Every student has a different appetite, and as we learn to manage portion sizes for students, we need to let parents know that students will be receiving one portion for lunch. Jr/Sr High students have been steadily using our coyote kitchen as well and can continue to purchase lunch specials, wraps, soups and more. Check out our website for the current menu.

School Picture Day - Our school picture day will be on Thursday September 28. Retake day is scheduled for Monday October 16. Students who are in M/W Kindergarten classes will have their pictures taken on that day.

Parent Information Meeting: Internet Safety - Thursday September 20, 2017 7:00pm Wheatland Crossing School, in partnership with Youth Club of Strathmore, are bringing in Paul Davis to speak to parents on social networking and internet safety. After his highly regarded presentation last year in Strathmore, we are excited to welcome him to our school. For more information, please check out

Athletic Update: Volleyball Volleyball season has started with Sr Girls and Jr Boys practicing Tues/Thur after school and the Jr Girls A&B teams practicing on Mon/Wed after school. We look forward to an exciting season in our new gym.


Important Dates in September
Sep 15        No School
Sep 20     School Council Meeting 6:00
    Internet Safety / Social Media Presentations
                   Grades 5/6 - 1:00 - 1:48 (Period 6)     Grades 7-12 - 2:15 - 3:15 (Period 7/8)
                   Parents/Community 7:00-8:30pm
Sep 22     No School - District Institute Day
Sep 26     Wheatland Crossing School Grand Opening 1:30pm
Sep 28     School Picture Day
Sep 29     Orange Shirt Day
         Gr 5/6 Field Trip: Telus World of Science


Please remember to call into our office when you child is going to be absent from school. Our number is (403)644-3791.