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Wheatland Crossing Coyote Buzz - May |

Wheatland Crossing Coyote Buzz - May

option2paw.jpgWheatland Crossing Buzz 

Outstanding in Our Field

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Student Conference Day   On Thursday, May 4th, Wheatland Crossing School will be hosting our “Empowering our Youth” Student Conference Day.  This is a full day event for all students from kindergarten to grade 12.  The students will be given the unique opportunity to see several speakers, entertainers and experts presenting on various educational topics throughout the day. Sessions focus on motivation, goal setting, making positive choices, team building, health and wellness, fitness, technology and the arts.  Lunch will also be provided for all students.  We look forward to a day full of unique learning opportunities, enthusiasm and coyote pride! Wheatland Crossing School would like to thank the Educational Partnership Foundation and the School Council for helping make this day possible.

Playground Installation: Volunteers still needed  We need your help! Friends of Wheatland Crossing have worked hard to raise funds for a brand new playground and are ready to go! We will be installing the playground from May 9-13. If you can volunteer for a day, a part of the day or a few days, please let us know. Volunteers are vital to having a successful playground install. Each day we need 38 volunteers to do a variety of tasks. Not all will be manual labour and we need as many people there as possible. Sign up by going to our website for the link!

Pampered Chef Fundraiser  Is entering into its final week. Remember all proceeds go to support the building of our playground. Order forms are due back at the school by May 8th! Thank you for all your support.

Athletic Update: Badminton  Badminton season is coming to a close and we are pleased with all of our successes.  Eight of 14 teams in the senior event came in the top two places and were eligible for the zone championship.  Congratulations to our intermediate girls doubles team of Jessica Clyne and EricaLynn Skibsted who won the bronze medal at the Zone Championship.  They will be representing Wheatland Crossing  at the provincial championship in Red Deer.  Our junior high badminton was also successful.  In 10 of the 15 events at the county tournament, Wheatland Crossing had teams eligible for the semi-finals.    Congratulations also to Angelina Pan who won 3rd place in Bantam Girls Singles and to Reagan Melcher and Lucia Dahm who won 3rd place in Midget Girls Doubles.  Congratulations to Brodie Wheeler and Houston Burrell for winning second place at Counties.  They will represent Wheatland Crossing at the Zone Championship in Brooks. Overall,  we have had an enjoyable badminton season learning and improving in badminton and look forward to our next season!

30 Hour Famine  On May 12th our grade 8-12 students have been invited to participate in our annual World Vision 30 Hour Famine to raise money to help alleviate hunger and support food security in developing nations. Our goal is to raise $1500 through our event, which will see students and staff not only give up food, but also our handheld technology for 30 hours in support of our cause. If you would like to support our efforts or sponsor a student, donations can be made online to, by cheque (made out to Wheatland Crossing School) or cash submitted to the office or Mr. McKeen. All donations over $15 will receive a tax receipt. Thank you for your support of our students as they engage in active global citizenship.

Important Dates in May

May 2        Grade 10 CALM class Field Trip: Three Hills Wellness Day
                 Hot Lunch: EDO
May 4        Wheatland Crossing Student Conference Day    
May 5        No School    
May 9        Playground installation begins (Continues everyday until May 13)
    PAT: Grade 9 English Language Arts Part A
                Hot Lunch: Subway
May 11        PAT: Grade 6 English Language Arts Part A        
May 12        30 Hour Famine Grades 9-12
May 16        Hot Lunch: Booster Juice
May 18        Agriculture Program Trip: Lethbridge (High School)
May 19        No School
May 22        No School
May 23        Hot Lunch: Boston Pizza
May 26        Wheatland Crossing Graduation Ceremony 8:30pm
May 29        Special Presentation: Greg Drew (Impacts of Reckless Driving) Grades 7-12
May 30        Hot Lunch: M&M Food Market
May 31        New Kindergarten Orientation 9:00 - 11:1
                   Grunch The Musical Performance 7:00pm
Jun 1        Grunch The Musical Performance 7:00pm
                Agriculture Program Trip:Edmonton (High School)
Jun 2        No School

Please remember to call into our office when you child is going to be absent from school. Our number is (403)644-3791.