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June Soup Schedule

JUNE  2017

5 – cream of turkey vegetable
6 – chicken noodle
7 – chicken with rice
 8 – cream of tomato
9– chili
12 – chicken corn chowder
13 –  Boston clam chowder
14 – chicken noodle
15 – mac and cheese
16 – tomato tortellini
19 – cream of potato bacon
cream of mushroom
20 – hearty beef vegetable
21 – Tortellini Alfredo
22 – cream of tomato
23 – tomato tortellini OR
chicken corn chowder
26 – cream of mushroom
27 –  broccoli cheddar
28 – No Soup Sales
29No Soup Sales


All soup is preordered by each classroom each morning.  There is no guarantee that we have any available for purchase at lunchtime if you have not preordered, so please be sure that money is sent with your child in the morning. Jr/Sr High need to preorder as well to guarantee there will be soup available.

Soup is $2.25 per bowl.

Soup tickets can be purchased – 6 tickets for $11.

Previously purchased soup and milk tickets will be honored!


White and Chocolate milk are both available. 

Individual milk are sold for $1.25 each.

Milk Cards–$4.50  

(Each card buys 5 milk.)

Best Deal-$20 buys 5 cards.

 Crackers are available for 50 cents.

Forks and spoons are available for 5 cents each.

Cheques are made payable to Standard School.

There are no IOU’s.