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Wheatland Crossing

WC-01 - Jana
On time
Updated: Jan 14 at 4:29 PM
WC-02 - Patti
On time
Updated: Jan 15 at 3:14 PM
WC-03 - David
On time
Updated: Nov 19 at 7:02 AM
WC-04 - Pam
On time
Updated: Dec 21 at 4:23 AM
WC-05 - Terri
On time
Updated: Sep 25 at 1:48 PM
WC-06 - Don
On time
Updated: Feb 8 at 6:31 PM
WC-07 - Ernie
On time
Updated: Mar 28 at 9:32 PM
WC-08 - JoAnn
On time
Updated: Nov 26 at 11:15 AM
WC-09 - Pat
On time
Updated: Nov 26 at 9:35 AM
WC-10 - Samantha
On time
Updated: Nov 16 at 1:00 PM
WC-11 - Ron E
On time
Updated: Mar 28 at 2:27 PM
WC-12 - Stephanie
On time
Updated: Mar 28 at 1:40 PM


Jr/Sr High Powerschool For Parents


Welcome to Powerschool! 

If you have created a Powerschool account to view your child's grades please go directly to the Login link and enter your username and password.





 How to Create an Account  - ​​There are detailed instructions on how to proceed with creating your child's account. Please remember in creating the password you will require the following:

  • Be at least 7 characters long
  • Contain at least one uppercase and one lowercase
  • Contain at least one number and one letter
  • Contain at least one special character .  For example -  (!,@,#,$,%,&,*)
  • Also please note that you can find your Student's ID Number on a printout of their timetable or report card.  This is not their ASN Number (Alberta Student Number).

 ​Mobile App Setup - Please note the first step is to set up your account through Powerschool using the above links.  The District Code is CSJS.  The application is free to download onto your mobile phone.